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Uploading documents

Published: Thursday 19 December 2019

In order to support your housing needs or to assist in assessing your application, you may be required to upload proofs. 

These can be photographs of documents taken on a phone camera, but please check them beforehand so that they are clear and easy to read.

If you are completing an application you will be in the secton 'uploading documents'.  If you are returning to an application after a request to add these, you will see the option on your homepage called 'upload/review documents'


Accpetable proofs

  • Proof of Medical/ Mobility condition affected by housing condition- General practitioner letter, Occupational Therapist Assessment, consultant's letter, prescription, Disability living allowance letter.
  • Former armed forces proofs - Military discharge papers, supporting infromation from Ministry of Defence
  • Income/ equity/ assets - bank statement, latest mortgage statement, estate agent valuation, completion statement, stocks and shares statement

To upload proofs, please see link to uploading documents guide




Reporting changes to your circumstances

Published: Tuesday 18 July 2017

If you have a change to your circumstances please log in, edit your application and compete the form with your changes and submit your application. We will email you when we have approved your new details.

Did you know that you do not need to change your preferred areas?  You are able to view properties you are eligible for, except in any excluded areas.

If you try and make another change before we have contacted you it is very likely that this will cause an error with your application.

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