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Suspension Frequently asked questions

Why have Birmingham Choice adverts been suspended?

We are currently following Government advice to protect our customer and staff. The government have urged people not to move home to try to limit the spread of coronavirus across the UK. We have therefore made the decision to suspend the choice-based lettings scheme until further notice.


What about the bids I have placed?

Any bids made on or since the last bidding cycle ended on Monday 6 April 2020 will be shortlisted.  You will be contacted by telephone and/or email if you have been successful.


Will my previous bids still count?

Yes, all bids made prior to midnight Monday 6 April 2020 will be shortlisted. You will be contacted in the normal way by allocations officers if you are in bid position 1 only. Due to current isolation and travel restrictions you will not be able to view properties and you may not be able to accept and move into your new property right away.


Will you be advertising any properties during this period?

No properties will be advertised during this period.

Any updates will be posted to the Birmingham Choice website and all applicants with a live application will be contacted to advise when the next bidding cycle will start.


I am already on offer to a property, what happens now?

If you have already been offered a Council home, this will be honored but there may be some delays in the home becoming available for you. 

An officer will contact to discuss your individual circumstances and will be able to offer any further advice and support. 

If you have been offered a home with a Housing Association, please liaise directly with the Housing Association for more information.


I’m homeless and have nowhere to live. What do I do?

Homelessness support is and continues to be a priority area for us.

All possession proceedings in both private rented and social housing have been cancelled due to the covid-19 crisis so please don’t leave your home.

We are asking that if you have got somewhere safe to stay, please remain where you are. If you need advice or if you are about to become homeless, please select the following link or call 0121 675 5779 and support will be available to you by phone.


Will I lose my banding if I’m unable to bid?

You will not lose your banding because you can’t bid.


How long will this situation last?

The current situation is likely to last for several weeks. Once normal services resume updates will be posted on Birmingham Choice.


What if I am offered a property but I am unable to move due to self-isolation?

The property will be held for you until you are able to move and normal services resume.


Can I still apply to join the housing register?

You can still apply to join the housing register to bid. However, your application will need to be assessed by officers who are currently supporting frontline efforts with COVID-19. Therefore, you may see a longer wait than is usual for your application to be processed.