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In preparation for the new Housing Allocations Scheme being introduced every applicant currently on the housing register will be required to re-apply and be re-assessed during February, March and the beginning of April 2017.

All applicants included on the current housing register will be notified in writing of the need to re-apply online from 6th February 2017. 

Applicants need to re-apply because reassessment under the new rules of the Scheme is required.

  • Current applicants who re-apply during the re-registration period will be able to submit a new housing application and retain their original registration date.

  • Applicants can re-apply after re-registration ends but will not be issued with their original registration date.

  • Applicants who do not re-apply within 4 weeks of their first re-registration letter will be issued a reminder letter.

  • All applicants will be issued a unique “login” reference to re-register online.

  • All re-registrations must be completed online. In exceptional circumstances there will be the facility for an application to be taken over the phone or by a visiting officer. Citizens will need to meet the vulnerable criteria for one of these appointments.

  • Those who do not re-apply during the re-registration period will not be placed on the new housing register and will be unable to bid.

  • Current applicants will be invited to re-register include applicants, transferring Birmingham City Council tenants and homeless households.

  • Social housing tenants wishing only to exchange homes do not need to re-apply and can register to swap and move at

  • Newly registered applicants accepted onto the current register during the re-registration period will also be invited to re-register.

Below are some quick links to help you through the re-registration process:

If you have any other questions you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page which provides further help through the process.