What happens next

Once you have submitted your application this will be assessed by an officer from the application team.

You will not need to provide any documents, unless we ask you to. This is because we aim to verify application information by checking a range of council records.

If we do need any further information we will email you and let you know.

Depending upon your circumstances, additional information which may be requested includes:

  • Local connection to Birmingham, for example employment or training.
  • Service in His Majesty's Armed Forces.
  • Child arrangement orders.
  • Proof of income (e.g.  last 3 months pay slips and P60)
  • Property valuations and mortgage statements.
  • A statement or letter from a mortgage company.
  • If you own your home outright provide an office copy from the Land Registry Title.
  • Professional confirmation (e.g. doctor or consultant letter) of a diagnosed medical condition or disability being made substantially worse by their current housing.

Once your application has been assessed against the new scheme's criteria, we will email you and let you know the decision. 

If you are offered a property, the landlord will ask you to provide identification and verify your circumstances.

The documents you will be asked to provide vary, but it is likely to include the following: 

  • Proof of identity for the main and joint applicant and all household members (e.g. passports, birth certificates)
  • Proof of National Insurance number (e.g. tax letters, wage slips, P45/60)
  • Proof of current address for the main and joint applicant and all household members (e.g. recent utility bill)
  • Proof of pregnancy (if applicable)
  • Evidence of your right to reside in the UK if you are not a British Citizen (e.g. passport & other relevant Home Office documentation) 
  • Proof of your settled status if you are an EEA national
  • Proof of all income (e.g. pay slips, private/work pension details, benefit entitlement letters)
  • Proof of money in your current account and savings (e.g. up to date bank/building society passbooks/statements/letters, premium bonds, national savings and share certificates).