Prioritising applications

Prioritising Applications


New application forms submitted will be assessed in date order of receipt; from the earliest received first.

All housing applications will be assessed and if accepted, placed in one of four bands.


Band A: Reasonable Preference plus additional preference (very urgent need)

People who have a reasonable preference and are granted additional preference (very urgent need to move).  All applications in this band will be reviewed after six months.


Band B: Reasonable Preference categories - Urgent Housing Need

People who need to move and fall within one of the reasonable preference categories.  All applications in this band will be reviewed after annually.


Band C: Reasonable Preference Categories - Housing Need and applicants aged 55+ with no Housing Need interested in Sheltered Housing

Households one bedroom overcrowded and certain homeless households (those with a reasonable preference but who do not qualify for a Band B award).  All applications in this band will be reviewed annually.


Band D: Number of refusals on reasonable offers of accommodation has been reached

Want to move – no reasonable preference but qualify for other specified reasons.


To find out more you can download a summary of the new Scheme and the full policy document.

Once your application has been assessed, you will be contacted by email with the decision.