Key Facts

Facts about Council Housing in Birmingham


  • The city council has approximately 59,000 properties, and this is decreasing each year – in 1981 the council had over 123,000 properties.
  • There are currently nearly 24,000 households on the housing register.
  • Of these, 7,101 are in Band A and 7294 are in Band B.
  • The council advertised only 2484 properties between April 2023 and March 2024, and this is decreasing each year.
  • Even if no new applicants applied, it would take many years to clear the current housing register.
  • 8% of our properties are designated for older people – aged 55 and over (sheltered properties).
  • The Council has over 5,100 households living in Temporary Accommodation (TA).
  • There were 1,904 homeless presentations in the first 3 months of 2024.
  • 809 (44%) of those were secured accommodation for 6 months plus. 

Property Numbers Let in the last 12 months



•   There were only 53 properties with 4 bedrooms let between April 2023 and April 2024.
•   In the last 6 months the council only let 1 property that had 5 bedrooms but have 784
     households on the housing register for this sized property.
•   The Councils TOTAL stock of 6 bedroom or larger properties anywhere in the city is 14. This equates
     0.02% of stock.

  • Between April 2023 and April 2024, only 2 properties were let with 6 bedrooms or larger but have 142 households on the housing register for this sized property.


•   Large families – even in Band A will wait several years to secure a council house.
•   All council properties are in great demand however houses are in greater demand than flats and in
     some areas the average applicant will wait over 20 years  to secure a property.

Please follow see here for information on the average waiting time for properties advertised through Birmingham Choice and Recent Lets:

Average Waiting Time and Recent Lets